[Dr. Sizzle]

Doctor by training but a cook at heart.  Nick wants to bring something new to the Edmonton food truck scene – something from his roots – satay.  The tasty meat on a stick is something Nick loved growing up and he is hoping to share this with others through The Sizzling Stick.


[Expert on All Things Sweet]

The dentist with a sweet tooth.  If The Sizzling Stick has something sweet – you can be sure that Rosalind had something to do with it.  Our cool ordering window at the front of the truck was dreamed up by her – so multi-talented.


[Professional Satay Engineer]

A mechanical engineer professionally, he has chosen to apply those skills to helping you get the freshest, tastiest and juiciest satay around.  Out of his gifted mind comes the magical grilling machine.  You can thank him for the sizzling satay that is almost too hot to eat right away (told you it was fresh).  Anything mechanical will have Steve’s creative fingerprints all over it.


[Wizard of Bits & Bytes]

He is our technology wizard.  A software developer by day – the technology wizard for The Sizzling Stick by night.  If you have used our app, then you have used something David has created.  Even if you haven’t, you have still benefited from David’s iPad ordering system.